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Bring Your Girl Closer to the World of Sports

If your girlfriend or wife have been into sports back when you were hiding your dad’s adult magazines, better stop reading now. However, if your girl is clueless about your obsession about sweaty guys running around with a ball or punching each other, better keep her up to speed.

First, take it slow. It’s not like you can understand how to cook a descent 5 part meal in only a day. Same goes for your wife. She can’t understand the sport whatsoever in the first place, so how is she going to know what travelling and cross-over mean? Start with something easy, like the rules and main objectives of the game. Shooting close is 2 points, shooting outside the line equals 3. The ball must remain within the 4 lines otherwise the possession of the ball goes to other team. Simple rules only essential for learning the basics of the game. Don’t go full-blown coach on her like you own the Miami Heat.

Don’t make it all about the rules. Tell her about the players, and boy, in the world of sports, even women know about them for one thing or the other. Tell her about that tall guy Shaquille O’Neal who had a cameo in one of the movies you saw or something like that.

Make it interesting for her, too. If she likes to have guests over, you guys can maybe plan a Monday Night Hockey party at your house. Just remember to keep her sober as we don’t want to see a beautiful girl go all Canucks when drunk.

Lastly, since you want her to learn your interest, take time to know hers too. Be it about dancing or watching a play, go with her. Score some boyfriend points and maybe the next time you’re watching the finals, there’s already a cold one in front of the TV waiting for you.

If all fails then simply try online dating ( where you can find the right match for you, who is into sports, not all women hate it!